3 Things: Austin Kleon, Gary Gulman, and Rashida Jones / by Chris Duffy

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WASHINGTON, DC: Tickets for the first Taste Test Comedy show in DC (free food samples + jokes about food) just went on sale and they're already almost sold out. As of right now, there are only 19 tickets left for September 16. If you're in town, get your tickets now! Details here

BOSTON: Just announced a one-night only show with me, spoken word poet Sarah Kay, and storyteller Elna Baker on Oct. 1. This will definitely sell out. Tickets available here. There will also be a You're the Expert taping on 9/27.

NYC: Lots of fun stuff coming up! I've got variety show / prize giveaway You Get A Spoon! next Sunday featuring Jo Firestone and Maris Kreizman. Details/tickets here. Then, Most Incredible 1-Hour Language School is back on Labor Day with a Greek language edition. Finally, You're the Expert is back in Brooklyn at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. Tickets here.

Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Austin Kleon inspires me. He's a visual artist who approaches the world in a unique way, but he's also always thinking about creativity and process. He's incredibly generous with his thoughts. When I'm stuck, I often find myself going back to something that he's written. His latest piece is so straightforward, yet I find it incredibly hard to live by. It's easy to beat yourself up or get jealous instead of just doing the work. This is a great reminder: "If you want to be the noun, first do the verb." Austin Kleon: The noun and the verb


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

The Republican primary debate was the most-watched cable news event in history, with more than 24 million viewers. There's no denying it was great television and also somewhat terrifying. If you're in need of seeing Trump brought down a peg or two (and who doesn't need that?) Gary Gulman hits him where it hurts, by making fun of his fortune, in this hilarious comedy bit. I also nominate Gary for best use of math in a standup special.Gary Gulman - Donald Trump and Bill Gates

1 Interesting Thing:

Rashida Jones is clearly unafraid to take risks and use her fame to ask difficult questions. What does the sexualization of our society mean for relationships? How do you talk to kids about sexuality and intimacy when the average age a child sees porn for the first time is 11? Is it possible to be both empowered and coerced at the same time? This interview she gave to VICE is one of the more thought-provoking pieces I've seen in a long-time. (Note: There's some frank language in here, so it might be awkward to watch at work?). Rashida Jones on her new documentary "Hot Girls Wanted"

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