3 Things: Shadow Art, Stuck in a Window, and Hotel Hackers / by Chris Duffy


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 Upcoming shows

On this week's episode of the The Payoff, Antonia Cereijido and I learn about how to navigate credit card rewards and get another visit from Erin Lowry, "The Broke Millennial."  Link

Three comedians try to guess what a leading scientist does all day and then find out why their research is important and exciting on You're the Expert.  Link

Sunday, September 17 at 2 p.m. at The Bell House.  We just added MICHAEL SHOWALTER to the lineup for Sunday's You're the Expert taping! You know him from Wet Hot American Summer, Stella, and so much more. Showalter, Roy Wood Jr, one more surprise guest, and a leading scientist who discovered a new species called "The Ghost Snake"... you don't want to miss this one. Link

Thursday, September 21 at 8 p.m. at Caveat.  Comedy, readings, artwork, audience prizes, and, of course, a spoon. It's everyone's favorite variety show, You Get A Spoon. Link

My full calendar with all upcoming shows is online here.

 This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Damon Belanger is an artist who transforms the mundane. He brings joy to everyday objects by painting shadows on the ground. At first glance, pedestrians assume it's just a normal shadow but then they do a double-take at its shape. All of a sudden, walking on the sidewalk becomes an adventure. I could tell you more about his work but it's much better to see the photos for yourself. Next time I'm in Northern California, I'm determined to get to Redwood City and see Belanger's shadows in person. Art in the Shadows: Damon Belanger

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Every once in a while, a news story is funnier than any joke. Here is some spectacular reporting on a British man's date gone wrong (so wrong). Liam Smyth's date went to the bathroom in his apartment, discovered the toilet wouldn't flush, and panicked. When she tried to throw her poop out the window, it got stuck, so she tried to reach in to grab it, and then she got stuck. The night ended with the fire department destroying the window to save her. Liam started a GoFundMe to pay for the window replacement and he ended up getting a lot more than he expected. Woman Ends Tinder Date Stuck in Window

1 Interesting Thing:

In WIRED, Andy Greenberg has the fascinating story of Aaron Cashatt, a serial burglar who discovered a way to hack into nearly any hotel room. The story itself is wild, but what's even crazier is that the vulnerability still exists. Here's what happens when digital security meets analog criminals and a large corporation decides it's too expensive to solve the problem. Inside An Epic Hotel Room Hacking Spree

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