"Mr. Duffy did a tight set." -The New York Times

You're the Expert

"Science Is Dry, Obscure, Complex? Well, It Makes for Great Comedy" - The New York Times

"Education and enlightenment are the grand prizes lying behind the velvet curtain, and anyone listening to the episode can win." - The Onion A.V. Club

"Duffy is the glue that holds the show together, waiting for a lull between the comedians' retorts before asking [the expert] more serious questions to help the audience understand what she does and why, and getting at the heart of what drives her as a scientist." - PBS NOVA

Featured on and in The Washington Post

"Learning by Laughing with Chris Duffy's You're The Expert" on Splitsider

Seen in NY is a series of videos made by EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University "on subjects ranging from monks and mathematics to boat-building to citizen science." They pick projects that are "innovative and forward thinking." They interviewed me about You're the Expert here.

"Pick of the Day" - The Boston Globe  

"A hilariously unique venture into worlds of mathematics, physicists, biologists and the like." -

"You're the Expert makes learning fun. Like, actually fun; this isn't like what you tell kids when you make a so-called game out of homework. (Nice try though, Mom.)" - Weekly Dig

You Get A Spoon!

"This show, hosted by the comedian Chris Duffy, is kind of like if “Oprah” were on public access television. Every show, special guests endorse things they love, which in turn are given away to the crowd. In the past, audience members have taken home candy bars, books, magazine subscriptions, kitchen appliances, nose flutes and gaff tape." - The New York Times

Called one of the "100 Best Things in Comedy" by The Comedy Bureau, featured as an LA Weekly pick of the week and written up in Seattle's The Stranger

The Sensible Show

Featured in Time Out New York and The New York Times

"A friend once described this show as 'the funniest people you haven't heard of yet,' and that’s really the best way to sum it up... 'The Sensible Show' has some of the most original acts in the game, including writers from Conan and The Daily Show -- aka the ones that will leave you thinking you just saw the next [insert your favorite comedian here]. " - Thrillist NYC

An Hour Abroad / Most Incredible 1-Hour Language School

Featured as a New York Times comedy pick of the week.

Paperweight Magazine

 "Humor magazine Paperweight is bringing the funny to iPad" -

 "I asked Chris about how he and his cofounder Brian use the iPad’s uniquely interactive environment to create joy, and to talk more broadly about the connection between joy and humor." -Aesthetics of Joy