The Deadpan Matt D. Gets An A / by Chris Duffy


Matt D.’s career is about to take off. Named one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch,” he’s got a voiceover gig on Jonathan Katz’s “Explosion Bus” and he performs at comedy festivals across the nation.

At a time when storytelling is all the rage and comics are often more depressing than hilarious, Matt D. (real name Matt Donaher) is a comedian who actually tells jokes, lots of them. His deadpan delivery and tightly-crafted one-liners recall Woody Allen or Steven Wright. In performance, mundane topics are imbued with the absurd. Pointing out the insanity of stuffed crusts and layers of toppings, he declares “Domino’s is becoming the M.C. Escher of pizza.” On his athleticism, he says, “When I was a kid I was so bad at sports my dad had a fantasy football team made up of all the other sons in the neighborhood.”

We asked Matt D. five questions about comedy and performing in Boston. He’ll be performing at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square on Friday, Feb. 15.

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