You Get A Spoon is a night of my favorite performers sharing their work and the things they love. Each artist performs a set. Then they enthusiastically endorse a prize that they love and give it away to audience members. It's an Oprah-style audience giveaway! Every show, one lucky audience member receives a Tovolo mixing spoon (the greatest spoon in the universe). I guarantee it is the most positive way to spend an evening. You Get A Spoon was a "Pick of the Week" in LA Weekly, featured in Seattle's The Stranger, and called one of the "100 Best Things in Comedy" by The Comedy Bureau.

Upcoming shows: see Calendar

Buy the spoon for yourself: The ideal way to get the spoon is to win it at a show (I promise you, it feels better that way) but if you insist, you can buy the spoon here:

Watch the video below to see what the show is like