You Get A Spoon! with Julia Anrather, Matt Catanzano, and Richie Moriarty / by Chris Duffy

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show tonight. It was a warm pocket of positivity in the midst of a dark, scary week. I'm glad you could be a part of it. Whether you were there or not, here are some things that we all recommended and love:

I recommended:

1) for socks that will make you feel like you are already a millionaire.

2) Animal noises in foreign languages. Here are some great illustrations about them

3) The Tovolo Silicone Mixing Spoon (duh)


Julia Anrather sang us some songs and then recommended:

1) Hanging philodendron house plants 

2) the album Som Definitivo 1965 by Quarteto em Cy & Tamba Trio

3) Tying a plastic bag around your bicycle seat


Matt Catanzano from Simply Unemployable showed us his wallet video and then recommended:

1) ASH vs EVIL DEAD - On Starz, starring Bruce Campbell 

2) Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash

3) Carnation Instant Breakfast packs 


Richie Moriarty from Simply Unemployable tried his best to get Matt to see reason and then recommended:

1) Bitterman's Bacon Salt

2. Darn Tough Wool Socks

3. This Simply Margarita Recipe (makes 2 margaritas): 

2/3 cup reposado tequila

1/3 cup lime juice (preferably Goya "Jugo de Limon")

2 tbs agave syrup

Shake with ice. Pour over ice into salted rim glasses. Enjoy!


Congratulations to Scott! He won the spoon. Here are some pictures from the show: