3 Things: The Light Switch, Julianne Moore, and Enterobacter / by Chris Duffy

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TOMORROW!  December 6 at 7:30 p.m. Taste Test Comedy is back at ImprovBoston. We've got free samples from Union Square Donuts, Chanukah gelt, and an amazing lineup of standup comics telling food-related jokes and stories Details and tickets here

Monday, December 7 at 8:30 p.m. It's a special Chanukah edition of An Hour Abroad. Evan Barden and I will teach you the entire Yiddish language in 60 minutes. You'll learn several ways of making adult children feel guilty, how to decipher signs in Yiddish, and have a chance to shout words of encouragement at comedian Myq Kaplan. Details/tickets here

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1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Charlie Todd and the people at Improv Everywhere have come up with so many genius ideas over the years. Their mission is "to cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places." That feels like exactly what the world needs more of right now. They orchestrated the "No Pants Subway Ride" (now an annual tradition), they got hundreds of people to camp outside of a regular 99 cent store on Black Friday, and they filled a random unknown band's concert with rabid fans to give them the "best gig ever." That's just a small taste of the kinds of things they invent. Their latest creation is a giant red switch that allows unsuspecting New Yorkers to turn on 50,000 Christmas lights at once. Watching people discover what the switch does (especially the little kids) is just pure joy. The Light Switch


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Julianne Moore's bit on Billy on the Street is amazing. She and Billy Eichner run through Times Square trying to convince tourists to stop giving tips to the weird guys dressed as Elmo and instead give Julianne Moore a dollar in exchange for performing scenes from her critically acclaimed films. I don't think it's possible to create a funnier moment than Julianne Moore yelling "Do you want me to cry on command?" at an Asian tourist. The Julianne Moore Acting Attack! 

1 Interesting Thing:

"A brilliant surgeon offered an untested treatment to dying patients. Was it innovation or overreach?" Depending on who you talk to, Paul Muizelaar is either a pioneering hero or a borderline criminalThe story of how he's tried to treat fatal brain tumors brings up questions about how long medical research takes and whether or not we have an obligation to try and help people who are dying right now. But his story is also tied into the question of whether medicine's goal should be to extend life or to improve it. I can't imagine you won't have a strong opinion on his decision to treat patients by deliberately infecting their brains. Plus the whole article is worth reading for this quote: "If I ever get a [brain tumor], put your finger in your keister and put it in the wound." Bacteria on the Brain

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