3 Things: Hamilton, Man Seeking Woman, and Alan and Arlene Alda / by Chris Duffy

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Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Last night at The Public Theater, I saw HAMILTON by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It's the most astonishing, brilliant, amazing piece of live theater I've ever seen. To take an 800 page biography of a founding father and turn it into a musical filled with tension, drama, comedy, and excitement is no small task. To also combine it with densely layered, inventive hip hop references and make it work seamlessly? I would have thought it was impossible. The show is officially coming to Broadway, so more people will get to see Lin-Manuel's work soon. I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Read Rebecca Mead's article on the back story of the show or watch the performance at the White House that got everything started.


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Simon Rich can do no wrong. I've recommended his books and stories many times. He's a comedic genius. Well, his TV show, Man Seeking Woman, is finally out on FXX. (Or you can download it on iTunes, which is what I did). It's just as clever and hilarious as I hoped. Watch Simon's brilliantly surreal takes on the awkwardness of going out dancing with a couple or what it's like when two people start dating and spend all their time together. Or, of course, there's the time when a character on his show went on a blind date with anactual troll named Gorbachok

1 Interesting Thing:

Alan Alda is a real role model of mine. Here's a guy who had an amazing and varied career in entertainment and now uses his celebrity to try and make knowledge more accessible to the general public. He seems genuinely interested in all the different things that he does. And, after reading this article, it sounds like his relationship with his wife is also something to strive for. After all, the secret to their nearly 60-year marriage is eating cake off the floor.There's Always Room For Rum Cake (h/t to the lovely Mollie West)

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