3 Things: Cake, David Letterman, and Joe Wong / by Chris Duffy

Hi friends,

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Sunday (5/24), I'm doing Taste Test Comedy in Cambridge, MA with Dutch waffle cookies from Rip van Wafels, tea from Runa, and food-based jokes from me and a bunch of Boston friends. It's at ImprovBoston at 9 p.m. Tickets/details here

Tickets are on sale now for You're the Expert in:
Boston on May 31
NYC on June 4 
Washington, D.C. on June 17 

Ok, on to this week's list!


1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Here's a video of a spinning cake. I don't really know else how to describe this. It's pretty much just a video of a spinning cake. But it's the most amazing spinning cake you've ever seen. I am now totally hypnotized (and also very hungry). The Caketrope

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

David Letterman's biggest surprise on his final episode was that it was actually hilarious. He certainly could have been forgiven for making the show a tribute or getting sentimental, but the guy went out cracking jokes and getting big laughs. My favorite segment was a compilation of Letterman talking to kids over the years. It's laugh out loud funny and showcases the spontaneous genius that made Letterman a star. The Best of David Letterman and Kids

1 Interesting Thing:

A couple months back, I sent out an article about Joe Wong's rise as a standup comedian in China. Here's an update on his progress in the NYT Magazine. This is such a cool look at how Joe is pioneering a new art form in China, but it also includes some really fascinating context for how humor does (or does not) transcend culture. For example, "A Japanese interpreter once translated a joke that Jimmy Carter delivered during a lecture as: 'President Carter told a funny story. Everyone must laugh.'" Next time you see me perform, don't be surprised if you get the same instructions. Can China Take a Joke?

Ok, thanks for reading! More details on shows and my full schedule online atwww.chrisduffycomedy.com/calendar/

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