3 Things: All Things Considered, Simply Unemployable, and Hostage Camp / by Chris Duffy

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Today at 6 p.m. and Wednesday at 9 p.m. WBUR will be airing the "Bacteria of the NYC Subway System" episode of You're the Expert. Tune in at 90.9 FM or stream the show live on WBUR's website. 

I'll also be doing live shows in DC, NYC, and Boston this week:

-DC: June 17 A special live You're the Expert all about the neuroscience of laughter and hiccups at the DC Improv. Details/Tix
-Boston: June 20 I'm hosting FeastMass, an amazing dinner party and community arts celebration. Details here
-NYC: June 21's YOU GET A SPOON! features music from Gideon Irving, poems from Mark Doss, and of course, tons of awesome Oprah-style prizes. Details/Tix

Ok, on to this week's list!


1 Thing I Think Is Great:

I try to only rarely put myself on these lists but this week I got to be a guest on WBUR's AllThings Considered, which was a public radio nerd's dream come true. They interviewed me about the on-air debut of You're the Expert and I got to play a few clips from the show. Now all that's left on my bucket list is meet Lakshmi Singh and have Ira Glass use a clip of my voice to make fun of Torey Malatia. All Things Considered: You're the Expert's debut

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Richie Moriarty and Matt Catanzano are an improv group called Simply Unemployable. Their live shows are some of my favorite comedy shows around. They're so consistently hilarious and both are just great guys. Every once in a while, they'll put out a gem of a video as well. They're the masters of a simple premise taken to just an absurd extreme, like when they got obsessed with the weird noises they use in movie trailers. Their latest video is a send-up of the very dumb names you see on menu items nowadays. Get ready for the most spectacular cheese puns you'll ever hear: Mac and Cheese Food Truck

1 Interesting Thing:

Hostage Camp is either the most important survival course a person will ever take or a scam designed to fleece paranoid nutjobs out of a couple thousand bucks. It's not at all clear to me which is true. Either way, this story by Mitch Moxley (fantastic name) for Roads & Kingdoms is a must-read. British Army Veterans, insane Floridians, waterboarding, and ransoms left in malls: it's everything you'd want in a weekend. Hostage Camp

Ok, thanks for reading! More details on shows and my full schedule online atwww.chrisduffycomedy.com/calendar/

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