3 Things: Lightning Notes, Bernie Sanders, and Ghostwriters / by Chris Duffy

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No live shows this week. I'm taking a vacation and going to my friend Meg's wedding.

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Ok, on to this week's list.

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Caitie Whelan used to be a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor in Congress before quitting to start The Lightning Notes, a new website/newsletter. I bet Caitie wrote some killer memos, because she's mastered the ability to get big ideas across in just a few words. Her essay on the importance of the people we surround ourselves with has really stuck with me. There's a great anecdote about C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien workshopping writing together (and, I'm guessing, complimenting each other on using letters instead of first names). But the piece that really stuck with me was this: "Sometimes we are lucky to live and work in areas filled with great minds and hearts. But oftentimes, we have to go out and find them ourselves. And then we have to find time for them. Our calendar is a reflection of the people we want to become." Read the whole thing and check out more of Caitie's work here: The Lightning Notes

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Bernie Sanders is an inspiring progressive politician who's been rightly attracting attention lately. A lot of people also think he's boring. But not after they see this new television ad! James Adomian does a pitch-perfect impression of Bernie, and this line might be the funniest thing I've heard all year "Despite the fact that 80% of everyone agrees with me on 90% of everything, the corporate-controlled media says that I can't win because I look like a train conductor with cotton candy hair and I sound like a bullfrog with the personality of a library card." Bernie Sanders is Not Boring

1 Interesting Thing:

"People were talking about my speech the whole wedding." Bruce Feiler has a story in the NYT about an apparently booming business: ghostwriters for wedding toasts and bar mitzvah speeches. After all, they say most people fear public speaking more than death. And if Obama can have a team helping him out, why can't Dad get in on that action? I feel pretty set on the speaking front, but if anyone knows of a body double who can dance, please contact me directly. Turning to a Ghostwriter for a Personal Toast

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