3 Things: Stephen Colbert, Trump in History, and Lawrence Wright / by Chris Duffy

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I'm in Denver for a friend's wedding, so no shows this weekend. Instead, I've spent my time updating my LinkedIn profile.

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1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Stephen Colbert is amazing. This is not a bold stance to take. The man is widely beloved. But I don't know that I'd fully appreciated how thoughtful and vulnerable he can be. Joel Lovell interviewed him for GQ and it's one of the best celebrities profiles I've ever read. Comedy, mortality, fame, family... they talk about it all. Colbert also breaks down his creative process and how he's able to maintain focus while doing so many things at once. Read it and be inspired. The Late, Great Stephen Colbert


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

As Trump continues to dominate the airwaves, comedians have rejoiced. He provides no shortage of material. The take that I thought was the smartest and that made me laugh the hardest is this one, by John Flowers in McSweeney's. "The ancestry of Donald Trump stretches back to the Ancient World. Listen, as several of Trump's forebears recount some of the most famous moments in history." The concept is hilarious and the execution is even better. On the death of Julius Caesar: "So this is, maybe, a week after the Ides of March. I'm in Rome. I got a new coliseum there. Great coliseum. I build a lot of them. Make a lot of money. Very successful." Donald Trump, Through the Ages

1 Interesting Thing:

Lawrence Wright is without a doubt one of the finest living journalists today. His topics run the gamut from Scientology to Al Qaeda, but they share the same meticulous attention to detail and gripping narrative. I couldn't put down his latest piece in the New Yorker, a profile of five American families whose children were kidnapped by terrorists. Idealistic young people, a wealthy benefactor trying to save their lives, clandestine meetings with the President: it's almost hard to believe the story is real. But it is and it's an illuminating look into what it really means when we say the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.The Families Who Negotiated With ISIS

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