3 Things: Neil Gaiman, Brooklyn Bar Menus, and Jeff Smith / by Chris Duffy

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This Monday in NYC, come join Evan Barden and me at Most Incredible 1-Hour Language School. This month's language is Modern Greek! You'll learn how to heckle a comedian, sing a song, and tell a joke over the course of a hilarious hour of games and sketches. Reserve your spot here!

Two upcoming shows are about to sell out:
-9/16 Taste Test Comedy in DC with me, Kevin Seefried, Maeve Higgins, and Joe Zimmerman. 
-10/1 Comedy, stories, and poetry in Boston with me, Sarah Kay, and Elna Baker

Just announced:
-9/27 You're the Expert in Boston featuring Jo Firestone, Josh Sharp, and more

You can see my full schedule for September up on the website now.

Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Neil Gaiman's speech at Philadelphia's University of the Arts is a constant source of inspiration for me. When I'm talking to friends about art, when I'm thinking through decisions about my career, when I'm feeling stuck, I find myself coming back to this speech. Regardless of whether you think of yourself as "an artist" or not, Neil has managed to take so much of the confusion and frustration out of figuring out your path and clarified what matters. I can't recommend this highly enough. And if the speech wasn't enough on its own, graphic designer Chip Kidd just released a stunning hardcover version of the text with his own illustrations. Make Good Art


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

This is so simple, but makes me laugh every time. It's the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator. "Have you recently purchased a bar in Brooklyn, but are completely bereft of original ideas? Firstly, congratulations on joining the thriving Brooklyn bar scene! Secondly, relax! You can use this handy tool to generate a name and menu for your fine establishment --- absolutely no imagination necessary." Go ahead, give it a spin! Brooklyn Bar Menus (h/t Nick Greene)


1 Interesting Thing:

Jeff Smith is a former Missouri State Senator who was jailed for corruption. He just wrote a memoir about his year in prison. While I've got some reservations about him personally (he seems to really think illegal campaigning is not a big deal and some of his observations seem pretty out of touch), I'm fascinated by his experience. From stealing peppers from the kitchen in his socks to learning where he's allowed to sit at meals, it's definitely worth a read. The Senator Be Embezzling

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