You Get A Spoon in Seattle with Bianca Giaever, Zubin Hensler, and Willem de Koch / by Chris Duffy

WOW! This was a You Get A Spoon for the ages! Not only did we have a fantastic audience including both grandparents (and 10 year old, Nico, who stole the show), but we also had TOVOLO in attendance! Not only are they makers of the world's greatest spoon, but they are also hilarious and wonderful. They brought me this bouquet of spoons before the show, which is the best of all possible things that could have happened:

Filmmaker Bianca Giaever recommended:

1) This Is How You Lose Them (a zine)

2) A picture of Frida Kahlo inside a mason jar

3) The book Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest


We also had a performance by Tussle (Zubin Hensler and Willem de Koch), who recommended:

1) A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn (Willem)

2) Home Basics Salad Spinner (Zubin)

3) Tuong Ot Toi Viet-Nam Chili Garlic Sauce (Both)


I recommended the Tovolo Silicone Mixing Spoon (Candy Apple Red),, and Reed's Ginger Candy Chews.

Molly (famed elementary schoolteacher) won the spoon!

Here are some photos: