3 Things: David Rees, Old People Facebook, and Nicholas Confessore / by Chris Duffy

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 This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

David Rees has done a little bit of everything in his career. He's been a census worker, a cartoonist who used only clipart, the host of a cult favorite TV show, a writer, and an "artisanal pencil sharpener." One thing I've always liked about Rees is that he seems to know how crazy and fleeting success can be. He just gave a talk at the XOXO Festival where he broke down all the money he's made over the past 15 years and where it came from. It's fascinating and incredibly useful information for anyone trying to make it as an artist. David Rees - Going Deep

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Unintentional comedy is often the stuff that makes me laugh the hardest. I love a well-crafted joke, but give me a bizarre real-life misunderstanding and I'll be laughing until I cry. My friend Alex show me this truly spectacular Twitter interaction, which led to me discovering one of the greatest corners of the Internet, Old People Facebook, where users share perfect moments of social media not quite working for parents or grandparents. Here's one that made me laugh the most: Old Country Buffet (h/t Ellis and Alex)

1 Interesting Thing:

"When a wealthy businessman set out to divorce his wife, their fortune vanished. The quest to find it would reveal the depths of an offshore financial system bigger than the U.S. economy." This investigative piece by Nicholas Confessore reads like a thriller but has serious implications for our democracy. If it's this hard for a partner to follow the money, how can the government or the public keep track of corruption? It's an issue I have a feeling is only going to get more important. How to Hide $400 Million

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