You Get A Spoon! with Myq Kaplan, David Cieri, and Danielle Blau / by Chris Duffy

Sunday's You Get A Spoon at Under St Marks was a great night of music, poetry, and comedy.

Comedian Myq Kaplan recommended:

1) Fables vol. 1 (a graphic novel)

2) George Saunders - The Braindead Megaphone

3) New York Naturals Bombay Ranch Kale Chips

Poet Danielle Blau recommended:

 1) Hexbug mouse cat toy

2) Little Savage by Emily Fragos

3) Food that looks like other food (e.g., marzipan shaped like fruit)

Musician and composer David Cieri recommended:

 1) The Aristos by John Fowles

2) Tuning fork

3) Captain Beefheart's 10 rules for playing the guitar

And audience member Therese won the spoon!