3 Things: Tim Lomas, Connor Ratliff, and Alexandra Schwartz / by Chris Duffy

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 This week's list

 1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Tim Lomas is a positive psychologist at the University of East London. He's currently working on a project where he collects foreign words for joys that can't be translated directly into English. The terms he's found so far are spectacular: mbuki-mvuki (a Bantu word that means "to shed clothes to dance uninhibited") or gumusservi (Turkish, "the glimmering that moonlight makes on water"). There's a profile on Dr. Lomas in The New Yorker, that focuses on the big question of his research, "could understanding other cultures' concepts of joy and well-being help us reshape our own?"

You can also dig directly into the findings and discover gems like tyvsmake (Norwegian, "to taste or eat small pieces of the food when you think nobody is watching, especially when cooking"). Positive Lexicography (h/t Mollie West)

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Tony Hale, from Arrested Development and Veep, was on The Chris Gethard Show and it made for amazing television. TCGS makes me laugh every single week, but this was something special. Connor Ratliff, who's their warmup comic, is an enormous fan of Tony. The show's producers use that against Connor when they offer him the chance to interview Tony one-on-one, but only if he'll eat vegetables. A grown man, Connor has not eaten a vegetable in ten years. Watching Connor ask questions and painfully try to eat broccoli made me laugh more than just about anything else.

Honestly, like many things about The Chris Gethard Show, this was very hard to explain in words. You just need to see it. Connor Ratliff Can Interview Tony Hale, On One Condition...


1 Interesting Thing:

Alexandra Schwartz has a fantastic piece about the history and evolution of dating. I was surprised by just about everything in the story. I had no clue that women in 1916 were often arrested if they were caught going out on dates. Or that T.G.I. Friday's started as a straight knockoff of a drag theater. The big question about modern dating is does it work? Or is it just drudgery? Work It: Is dating worth the effort?

(Side note: Alexandra was my first ever girlfriend in 6th grade. Despite the fact that we only held hands and never even kissed, I can attest that our passionate romance was anything but drudgery) 

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