3 Things: Dana Schwartz, Desus & Mero, and Stella Blackmon / by Chris Duffy


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It's Saturday! Every week, I send out an email with my upcoming shows, one thing I think is great, one thing that made me laugh, and one thing I found interesting. 

Upcoming Shows

Three comedians try to guess what a leading scientist does all day and then find out why her research is important and exciting on You're the Expert.  Link

On The Payoff, Antonia Cereijido and I try to learn about money from a team of financial experts.  Link

Thursday, November 2 at 8 p.m. at Caveat. You're the Expert is back with panelists Aparna Nancherla, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Daily Show head writer Zhubin Parang, and a mystery scientist from the Museum of Natural History. Link

Tuesday, November 14 at 7:30 p.m. at Caveat. My variety show and prize giveaway You Get A Spoon is back with music from Emmy the Great and Tica Douglas, jokes from Maeve Higgins and me, and stories from Moth GrandSlam winner Adam Wade. Link

Thursday, November 9 at 7 p.m. at the New England Aquarium. We're going deep under the sea with a scientist from the aquarium and panelists Eugene Mirman, Ken Reid, and Obehi Janice.  Link

My full schedule with all upcoming dates is online here.

This week's list

Dana Schwartz explores the life of a minor character in the Beauty and the Beast world in her newest short story. It is hilarious and dark and amazing. This is the tale of a servant who was turned into an end table and then tries to escape the castle to reunite with his wife. Dana's such a funny and inventive writer. While you're waiting for her memoir,Choose Your Own Disaster, to come out, enjoy "My Name is Jean-Pierre and I Am Still An End Table."

In the world of late night, there is no show more unpredictable or hilarious than Desus & Mero. The two best friends sit in a conference room in front of a fake forest and a stuffed bear and riff on the news. Their show feels less like a fancy produced television show and more like hanging out with friends laughing until you cry. I love all the little weird touches they have, like the sound effects or how every interview ends with the a rainbow over the guest's head. It's perfect. 

If you don't know the show, be forewarned, they are almost always NSFW. Here are some of my favorite clips. Deus and Mero tackle the news in a way that only they can:Congressman Al Green Presses Ben Carson.  And one of their interviews, with the incredible Jemele Hill. Jemele Hill Refuses to Stick to Sports

Stella Blackmon has this photo series and interview with an older couple who have been picnicking by the Brooklyn Bridge for 24 years. It's the most heartwarming story I've seen in a long time and such a joy to read. Jane and Terry know what it takes to make a relationship work and they're happy to share. Is this one a little corny? Maybe, but who am I kidding? I'm a little corny too. I love it. A Secret to a Happy Marriage (thanks to Mollie for this one)

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