3 Things: Maria Bamford, Laurie Kilmartin, and Emily Nussbaum / by Chris Duffy


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This week's list

This week, the comedy world has been having a lot of difficult but necessary conversations after the NYT reported on Louis CK's sexual misconductscandal. I'm far from successful enough to have ever met Louie or even been in the same room as him, but even I had heard the rumors and I'm glad he's finally being held to account.

I've been thinking about performers and writers who try to tear down these broken power dynamics instead of abusing them. Maria Bamford has always been one of my comedy heroes for the way she fearlessly talks about the things most people would rather not discuss and creates space and opportunities for others to do the same. For the past year, she's been trying her hardest to break taboos about money. Financial exploitation and sexual misconduct are obviously not the same thing, but abuses of all sorts fester in the dark and I admire everyone who's courageous enough to bring these issues to light. Maria Bamford Wants to Tell You How Much Money She Makes  (and watch this video of her commencement speech which ends with her giving her speaking fee away to a graduate in debt)

Another Louie lesson is that there are plenty of hilarious comedians out there who aren't creeps. If you're looking for a better option, might I recommend Laurie Kilmartin? She's a standup, writer for Conan, and absolutely one of the best comedians in the country. Here's her hilarious (not entirely suitable for work) standup set and then here's her podcast, co-hosted by the also fantastic Jackie Kashian, where they discuss their thirty year careers in standup. 

Laurie also tackled the Louie story head-on in an op-ed: Being A Female Comic in Louie C.K.'s World.

Finally, a lot of the conversation about Louie has also been tied up in the question of whether you can separate the art and the artist. Emily Nussbaum is a television critic who's always thought-provoking and I found her reaction to be very interesting. Reacting to the Louis C.K. Revelations

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