3 Things: Antonia Cereijido, Jo Firestone, and Thomas Hargrove / by Chris Duffy

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This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Antonia Cereijido is making some of the most interesting radio out there. She's got such a warm personality and a knack for finding unusual stories. I've had the good fortune to cohost The Payoff with Antonia and I've seen her talent firsthand. But her main job is reporting for NPR's Latino USA. This story she did for them is hilarious and fascinating and great. Finally someone tackles the big question: Are the Minions Latino? (h/t Bianca Giaever)


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Jo Firestone is truly hilarious. I've never been more certain that someone is going to be a huge celebrity. She makes me laugh so hard and everything she does is unique and smart and so goofy. She made her debut on The Tonight Show this week with a spot-on impression of Betsy DeVos. Watch as Jimmy Fallon interviews her about her plans for the U.S. education system. Jimmy Interviews Betsy DeVos

1 Interesting Thing:

"His innovation was to teach a computer to spot trends in unsolved murders, using publicly available information that no one, including anyone in law enforcement, had used before. This makes him, in a manner of speaking, the Billy Beane of murder." Thomas Hargrove is a retired journalist who has been using big data to identify serial killers on the loose. The power of computers to solve crimes is incredible, but this also reveals what happens when police departments don't keep up with technological innovation: people get killed. Hargrove wants to change that. Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm

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