3 Things: Cheryl Strayed, Roy Wood Jr, and Parkageddon / by Chris Duffy

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 This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Cheryl Strayed wrote a bestselling memoir, Wild, and Reese Witherspoon played her in the movie. But Chery's success is also built on her honest, heartfelt advice. Tim Ferriss interviewed her about her career and the lessons she wished she'd known as a younger writer and artist. Full disclosure: it's a very long podcast and I don't love Tim Ferriss (4-hour diet, 4-hour workweek, maybe try a different time unit once in a while?), but the section that resonated with me and I'd recommend is about "the gift of failure." It's 9 minutes long, from about an hour and 21 minutes in until 1:30:00. How to Be Creative Like A Motherf*cker - Cheryl Strayed (h/t Mollie)

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Roy Wood, Jr. is unbelievably funny. If you have a chance to go to one of his shows, take it. Roy is about to be too famous for you to afford tickets anymore. He's killing it onThe Daily Show and his new special, Father Figure, is extraordinary. You can get the special on iTunes or watch some clips here. Roy was a guest on Colbert to promote the show and their conversation was great. Roy Wood Jr. Casts Doubt On Trump's Claim That 'Black People Love Me'

1 Interesting Thing:

You know those trick drawings that have a hidden message in the clouds or the leaves of a tree? It's invisible until someone points it out to you and then you can't stop seeing it. That's how I've felt after reading this article in The Economist about parking lots. I'd never thought twice about them but now I see how where we decided to leave our cars has profoundly changed all of our lives. You'll never look at an empty spot the same way. Parkageddon: How not to create traffic jams, pollution, and urban sprawl

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