A GREAT PODCAST: We Are Not These People / by Chris Duffy

We Are Not These People is "the improvised world of Brendan Pelsue and Natasha Haverty. In every episode they find and explore a different relationship on the spot. They perform, record, and produce the podcast, with occasional guest appearances by their many celebrity friends."

I've been a fan of Brendan and Natasha's work for several years now. Independently, Natasha is an award-winning public radio journalist and Brendan is an accomplished playwright. Together, they have managed to create a show that's funny and intimate and unlike any other podcast I've heard. Brendan and Natasha have the natural banter of old friends but also wildly creative minds. Just listen to them debating how they should introduce the first episode. If that doesn't hook you immediately and make you fall in love with them... well, I think there might be something wrong with your brain.