3 Things: Ricky Jay, Charlie Hankin, and Emma Harris / by Chris Duffy

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Upcoming shows

Both parts of the You're the Expert mini-series are out now. I went into the badlands of Montana/Wyoming with paleontologist Dr. Mike D'Emic to dig up an entirely new species of dinosaur. You can hear it all here: Link

My wife Mollie and her co-author Liz Fosslien wrote a very funny, insightful, and useful book called "No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work." It's out in January but available for pre-order here: Link

Thursday, December 27th at 7:30 p.m. at The Annex Theatre. Riley Mulherkar (of The Westerlies) and I are going to be in town and we're continuing our holiday tradition of putting on a night of music and comedy. Tickets just went on sale today, but this show always sells out fast so grab yours now while you still can. Link

I'll be announcing a lot more shows after the holidays. As always, you'll be able to find my schedule with all upcoming dates online here.

This week’s list

Ricky Jay was one of the world's most iconic performers. A magician who redefined the craft, he was also a wonderful actor. He passed away this week. If you're not familiar with his work, do yourself a favor and read this incredible 1993 New Yorker profile of him. I think it's one of the best pieces the magazine has ever run.  "Ricky Jay does closeup magic that flouts reality. But, rather than headline in Las Vegas, Jay prefers to live in the mysterious world of ancient mountebanks, eccentric entertainers, and sleight-of-hand artists, whose secrets he preserves with a scholarly passion, and who are his true peers in the realm of illusion." Secrets of the Magus

Charlie Hankin is one of those comedians who can do it all. He's an actor who stole scenes in series on Amazon and Comedy Central. He's a co-creator of the incredibly prolific sketch comedy duo Good Cop Great Cop. But on top of that, he's developed a huge following for his laugh out loud cartoons. You can see them in magazines all over the world or on his Instagram, which I highly recommend. Charlie Hankin

Emma Harris is an environmental writer in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She covered a wild story for Outside Magazine. Pun fully intended. (By the way, I am consistently amazed by the stories Outside publishes. They are doing something very right.) "As a child, Cody Sheehy made headlines when he vanished into the freezing wilderness of Northeast Oregon, making it out safely after 18 hours of determined slogging. Retracing his steps 32 years later, Sheehy says that getting lost was one of the best life lessons he ever had." How a 6-Year-Old Survived Being Lost in the Woods

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