3 Things: Gary Richardson, Nicole Byer, and Alex Jung / by Chris Duffy


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Upcoming Shows

Just two weeks until the premiere of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas on HBO! Friday, April 13th at 11:30 p.m.


On the most recent episode of You're the Expert, Jo Firestone, Charlie Hankin, and Shalewa Sharpe learn about the evolution of teeth. Link

Saturday, April 14 at 7 p.m. at National Geographic. I'll be back with NatGeo Live for another You're the Expert taping with Negin Farsad, Jo Firestone, and 30 Rock's Scott Adsit. Link

Sunday, April 15 at 7 p.m. at Caveat. You're the Expert is back for a live taping. Link

Saturday, April 2i at 4 p.m. at Caveat. I'm hosting You Get A Spoon with a performance by Dylan Marron (Conversations with People Who Hate Me), magic by Nate Dendy, and music from Friends Who Folk. Link

Saturday, April 21 at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Cambridge Science Festival.  I'm doing two live You're the Expert shows, both open to the public (and free for MIT community thanks to generous funding from the DeFlorez Fund for Humor) Link

My full schedule with all upcoming dates is online here.

This week's list

Gary Richardson is the real deal. He's a writer for Saturday Night Live, a naturally gifted actor, and one of my favorite people. Gary is the kind of guy who you can discuss books and life and big questions with, and then two minutes later be laughing until you cry about the dumbest bits. At one show we did together, I watched Gary antagonize a room of high school freshmen to the point that they were screaming at him, and then win them back over so thoroughly with his jokes that the kids all took selfies with him after the show. I'm very excited that Gary's popping out from behind the scenes more so the world can see how insanely talented he is.

Check out this short film Gary released this week: Places, Thank You Places.  

And another short that shows off Gary as an actor: Phone Story

Nicole Byer is another one of those naturally hilarious people. She's been a star of the improv world for years because every time she gets on stage, she brings so much energy and genius, and now she's taking over television. Nicole's Netflix series Nailed It just got picked up for a second season of baking disasters and she's been making the talk show rounds. I think she's the only guest I've ever seen leave Conan speechless. Watch her absolutely hilarious (and totally NSFW) two part interview: Nicole Byer on Conan part 1and part 2

Alex Jung's essay about moving to Korea is a beautifully written meditation on identity, belonging, and how we figure out what we need in life. "When I moved to Seoul after growing up in America, I was a foreigner who looked native. I ended up staying for three years — but eventually I had to go home." Alex Jung's I Thought Going To Korea Would Help Me Find Home

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