3 Things: Liz & Mollie, Bob Ross, and Maria Konnikova / by Chris Duffy

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Upcoming Shows

The newest episode of You're the Expert features MIT's Dr. Roz Picard talking about how she helped invent wearable computers and the future of "emotional technology." Link

Sunday, August 26th at 5:30 p.m. I'm teaching a workshop at the Vermont Comedy Club on writing for television and then telling some jokes on the show afterwards. Come join for one or both! Link

VENUE CHANGE Saturday, August 11th at 6:00 p.m. Comedians in a Blanket is a combination of a picnic and standup show. It's always delightful. Normally it's in Prospect Park but because of the rain today's show is at the bar 61 Local. Same picnicky vibes though. Link

SOLD OUT Monday, August 26th at 7:30 p.m. at The Wild Project. A short play I wrote is making its debut as part of Cherry Picking, an annual festival of new work.  Link

As always, you can find my schedule with all upcoming dates online here.

This week's list

Liz Fosslien is an illustrator, tech person, and economist. She makes very funny cartoons about the workplace. Mollie West Duffy is a writer, organizational designer, and researcher. They're writing a book together about emotions at work that's part research and data, part personal anecdotes, and part illustrations. It comes out in January. I can't wait. Their work is funny, informative, and most of all, useful for anyone with feelings. I admit that I'm biased because I'm married to Mollie, but I truly think their book is fantastic. In the meantime, check out their website (and sign up for their monthly newsletter with exclusive comics, articles, and research!) No Hard Feelings: Emotions at Work and How They Help Us Succeed

Bob Ross, with his iconic fro and palette of paints, made creating art accessible for millions of Americans. Or at least, he tried to. It was a valiant mission. Unfortunately, while he explained things simply, Bob painted kinda... fast. You might not realize quite how insane his speed was until you see thirteen comedians try their hardest to paint along with him in Micah Sherman's Bob Ross Challenge. Each video is 90 seconds of joy. Micah not only created the videos but he's also using the series to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (which is what Bob Ross died from). Support a great cause by laughing for a minute and a half at a time. Episode one features Aparna Nancherla. The Bob Ross Challenge

Maria Konnikova is a science writer for The New Yorker, an experimental psychologist, and the host of a podcast about con artists. Or maybe I should say, she was those things. Because over the past year, as Maria started writing a new book about luck and decision making, she dove into research on the world of professional poker. The research worked. She ended up winning more than $200,000 in tournaments and is now a sponsored professional poker player. Here's a fascinating interview with Maria about how that happened, her findings, and the psychology of decision-making. Maria Konnikova Shows Her Cards

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