3 Things: Robin Williams, Bowen Yang, and Cruise Performers / by Chris Duffy


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Upcoming Shows

This week's episode of You're the Expert features Dr. Helen Fisher from the Kinsey Institute talking about the biology and evolution of human love with comedians Bowen Yang, Michelle Buteau, and Matt Koff.  Link

Saturday, September 8th at 7:30 p.m. at the Magnet Theater. I'm the monologuist for the always hilarious improv show, The Armando Diaz Experience.  Link

Sunday, September 16th at 7:00 p.m. at Caveat. You're the Expert is back for a new live taping with a mystery scientist and a panel of incredible comedians.  Link

Saturday, October 20th at 7:30 p.m. at National Geographic. I'm doing a live taping of You're the Expert with panelists Jo Firestone, Josh Sharp, and an incredible scientist who is named Dr. Jennifer Lopez (not a joke). It's going to be amazing.  Link

As always, you can find my schedule with all upcoming dates online here.

This week's list

Dave Itzkoff writes for the New York Times about television and film. He's always got an insightful and thought-provoking take on pop culture. His latest book is a biography of Robin Williams. Itzkoff draws from that research to create a multi-media analysis of a small but perfect moment from one of Williams'  standup specials, "A Night at the Met." I love to read great writers talking about work that they love and it's fascinating to get to see Itzkoff break the bit down moment-by-moment. How Robin Williams Made a Joke Both Funny and Sad

If you don't know Bowen Yang's comedy, you are missing out. He's an actor who's been on High Maintenance and Broad City, an all-around hilarious person, and co-host of the incredible Las Culturistas podcast. I especially love their signature segment "I Don't Think So Honey" where comedians get 60 seconds to tear apart something in the world that drives them crazy, whether it's slow talkers or patriarchy. Recently, Bowen started posting videos of himself lip syncing to iconic moments in movie or television history and they make me laugh so much. It's kind of shocking how good he is at them and also how nuts the source material is. Read this article in Vulture about them and watch them all. Bowen Yang's Twitter Lip-Sync Videos Are Next-Level Art

There are so many people working in entertainment who make a living but will never be famous. To some people, that's sad. These are all the bands who will never have a hit, all the comedians without a TV special, all the dancers who never make it to Broadway. But I think it's kind of inspiring and beautiful. Despite not being rich or famous, these are people who still dedicate themselves to entertaining audiences and putting themselves out there. It's much more vulnerable to get up in front of a crowd of seventeen than it is to get up on stage in front of thousands. Esquire takes a look at those brave, passionate souls in a very particular corner of the entertainment industry in this article. Inside the Delightfully Quirky, Absolutely Fabulous, and Utterly Exhausting World of Cruise Performers

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