3 Things Cowboy Edition: Tarver & Tart, Jack Handey, and Betsy the Cow / by Chris Duffy


Every week, I send out an email with my show dates and recommendations of things I think you might enjoy. This week, for no particular reason, the list is cowboy themed. I looked at the links I was planning to send out and realized "Huh, these are all about the Wild West." I guess that's because I'm an Angeleno now. We do things a little differently around here. [I lasso a cactus and put my arm around it] I hope y'all enjoy it. [Googles "how to remove thousands of cactus spines from arm"]

Upcoming Shows

SOLD OUT Washington, DC: 7:30 pm Monday, October 7th at the Lincoln Theatre w/ Pop-Up Magazine. Ticket link
New York: 7:30 pm Thursday, October 10th at Lincoln Center's David Geffen Hall w/ Pop-Up Magazine. Ticket link
Chicago: Short standup set 10 pm Friday, October 11th at the Laugh Factory. Ticket link
Chicago: 7:30 pm Saturday, October 12th at the Athenaeum Theatre w/ Pop-Up Magazine. Ticket link

This week’s list

Drew Tarver and Carl Tart are two of the funniest improvisers around. If you're a fan of Comedy Bang-Bang, you may know how great they are. But if not, you're in for a treat. Watch this video of them performing a hit song as their country band Memphis Kansas Breeze. I've probably watched this video twenty times this week. Memphis Kansas Breeze

No one is better at writing comedy than Jack Handey. For years, he's been putting together incredibly hilarious, precision cut sentences. The premise of his latest piece is very simple: his most recently read articles. But it immediately takes a turn and I couldn't stop laughing. Recent Articles of Mine by Jack Handey

Betsy is a thousand-pound black-haired Scottish Highland cow who has been living wild and free in Alaska for more than a year. She's been on the local news, gone viral on social media, and been featured in papers across the country. The only thing she hasn't been is caught by the rancher she ran away from. Read the incredible true story in California Sunday Magazine.  She's Missing. I'm Not Going to Quit Her.

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