3 Things: Emma Carmichael, Tom Ellison, and Vicky Schaubert / by Chris Duffy

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Upcoming Shows

You can listen on any podcast app to You're the Expert, the show I host where three comedians interview a scientist about her work and why it matters.  Link

Saturday, February 23 at  9:30 p.m. at Brooklyn Comedy Collective. I'm improvising with some of NYC's funniest comedians in Carley Moseley's Monster Mash show. A professional chef does a cooking demonstration and passes out samples to the audience and then we make up scenes based on their life. Link

I'm part of Pop-Up Magazine XQ's spring tour, which is a high school themed edition. I'll be telling a story onstage with a group of journalists, musicians, and more. I'm the comic relief.
-2/28 in Memphis at the Crosstown Arts Theater
-3/2 in Nashville at the War Memorial Auditorium
-3/7 in Denver at the Ogden Theatre
-3/8 in Colorado Springs at the Shockley-Zalabak Theater
-3/15 in Los Angeles at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre
-3/30 in Chicago at the Harris Theater

 You can get tickets for all those shows (and more, as they're announced) online at my website here.

This week’s list

Valentine's Day means that you were probably bombarded with stories and ads about relationships this week. But I bet you didn't hear enough about the real, harsh reality of love: that sometimes your friend Sarah comes up to you at lunch and tells you that Henry doesn't want to date anymore and then the next day, you find out that Henry and Sarah are dating! Betrayal. Passion. A secret diary. Do not miss the hilarious Emma Carmichael reading from her teen diary. (The article is good, but the video at the top is the must-watch here.) Huge News! Henry Asked Me Out 

I know nothing about Tom Ellison other than he is a writer living in D.C. and he has clearly spent time in an airport recently. But his "short imagined monologue" for McSweeney'smade me laugh so much and I thought about it all week whenever I saw one of these backpacks.  Monologue: I Am a Stryker-X Assault Backpack, and This Airport Lounge is an Insult

For people with limited mobility, the Internet can be a lifeline. I'm not much of a gamer myself, but I found Vicky Schaubert's BBC story deeply touching. It's about a couple in Norway who discovered, at their son's funeral, that he had lived a much more vibrant and emotional life online than they'd ever imagined. "Robert and Trude mourned what they thought had been a lonely and isolated life for their disabled son. But when Mats died, they discovered that people all over Europe lit candles in his memory." The Starlight Guild

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