3 Things: Paul Ford, Roy Wood Jr., and Marcia Belsky / by Chris Duffy

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This week’s list

It's amazing how many complicated social situations are suddenly not that tricky at all when you remember your manners. I think there's sometimes a misconception that being polite also means being stuffy and formal, but that doesn't have to be the case. Paul Ford makes an excellent and entertaining argument for courtesy in this lovely essay. It's from 2014 but I just discovered it this week and I'm very glad I did. How to Be Polite

Roy Wood Jr. is hilarious and sharp-witted in just about any context. He's fantastic in field pieces on The Daily Show but also great as a character. He kills in comedy clubs, bars, and on college campuses. And his Instagram stories are funnier than three quarters of the comedy specials Netflix will release this year. This compilation of Roy reviewing every film nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars had me rolling. Roy Reviews 

Marcia Belsky is first and foremost an amazing comic. She writes killer jokes. She co-created and stars in the hit live show Handmaid's Tale: The Musical. And she is constantly creating new shows and material. But Marcia's been doing more than just making people laugh. She's also gone toe-to-toe with the leaders of the biggest social networks on Earth. And because she wouldn't stop making jokes and drawing attention to the hypocrisy of repeatedly banning female comics for making jokes against sexual predators and harassers, she attracted enough media attention that Mark Zuckerberg and his deputies had to consider the principles underlying their platform. Here's a look at the conversation Marcia started. "Men Are Scum": Inside Facebook's War on Hate Speech

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