3 Things: Maris Kreizman, Neil Goldberg, and Sarah Miller / by Chris Duffy


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This week’s list

Maris Kreizman is a witty and insightful writer who also happens to be diabetic. She wrote a piece this week about how she grew up expecting a cure for the disease, but now just worries about people having access to the medicine they need. When you consider the fact that the inventors of insulin gave the patent away for next to nothing because they wanted it to be easily and widely available, it's unconscionable how the price has skyrocketed. Why I Am Stockpiling Insulin in My Fridge

Neil Goldberg isn't a comedian, per se. He's an artist who's been displayed in places like the Museum of Modern Art. But his work often makes me laugh, like his collection of two decades of index cards full of random thoughts. One favorite is "I always feel somehow nurturing when I plug in my iPhone." Neil has a new book out called Other People's Prescriptions, which features photographs he took through different strangers' glasses. Like everything he does, it's playful, thought-provoking, and beautiful. Neil Goldberg

Miami is a beautiful city. It's got great food, beaches, art, music, and friendly people. It's also an insane place to buy a home if you understand anything about climate change. But people do buy homes there. Very expensive ones. So Sarah Miller went undercover in the world of Miami's high end real estate to try and understand "the cognitive dissonance up close." It's a wild look at what people tell themselves to avoid the obvious. Heaven or High Water

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