3 Things: Lindy West, Stewart Lee, and Antivenom / by Chris Duffy

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This week, I wrapped my work on this season of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas. I'm looking forward to having time for my own projects this summer, but also if you are a TV person and need a writer, now's a great time to hit up my inbox (especially if you're in LA). In the meantime, the show continues to exist on HBO and online. This week's episode looked at automation and how students are being prepared for a changing workplace where they might have to compete against robots for jobs. Link

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This week’s list

Lindy West is such an incredible writer, advocate, and public speaker. In the midst of a pretty terrifying week of news about the ongoing legislative war on humans who can get pregnant, I would encourage everyone to watch her interview on The Daily Show. Counteracting Dangerous Myths with "Shout Your Abortion" 

Reading about the draconian laws passed in Alabama, Ohio, and Georgia, I was surprised to learn how far they are from what the voters in those states actually believe. In fact, there is no state in the country where support for banning abortion reaches even 30%. Here's more info on the numbers. That reality makes me think as far as concrete action, we should donate to support reproductive health organizations but also we just gotta vote better politicians into office who will actually represent their constituents and not fanatics. (I keep donating to Elizabeth Warren and you can too.) 

Talking about the gap between how the powerful act and what regular people believe is a cornerstone of Stewart Lee's comedy. He's one of the best political stand ups of all time and I think he's sadly under-appreciated in the U.S. But this set shows off so much of what makes him special: his wordplay, his intellect, and his joy in getting the audience to rise to his level. Stewart Lee at Just For Laughs (h/t Alingon Mitra)

I would not have predicted that a guy who films YouTube videos of himself getting bitten by deadly snakes would turn out to be the key to saving thousands of lives, but what do I know? This article from Outside about a "gifted young immunologist" and the quest to discover a universal human anti-venom is one of the craziest stories I've ever read and also shockingly inspiring. 

"It might one day be to the world's great fortune that Jacob Glanville, a young immunologist trying to make a name for himself in the field of universal vaccines, went online and found Tim Friede, a mechanic who had been shooting lethal doses of snake venom into his bloodstream for going on two decades." Read more here

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