3 Things: Dr. Mary-Claire King, D.J. Demers, and Louis CK / by Chris Duffy

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SHOW UPDATE:  This Tuesday at 8 in NYC, I'm starting a new show inspired by these emails. We'll have performances by singer-songwriter Ryan Dieringer (of Double King), Jo Firestone, and the sketch comedy group Good Cop Great Cop (fresh off their series being picked up for a second season on Comedy Central). Then they'll each share things they love and the audience will get presents, Oprah-style. Here's a link

Boston folks, I'm coming back to do a big You're the Expert show on Saturday, Feb. 21. Tickets are already more than half-sold and I haven't announced the show to the public yet, so don't delay if you'd like to come! Link

Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Dr. Mary-Claire King discovered the inherited breast cancer gene and saved countless lives by enabling early detection. But the story of how she got her grant is almost more amazing than the discovery itself. The Moth is full of great stories, but this one is my new favorite. The ending is just perfect. The Moth presents Dr. Mary-Claire King

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Considering that the widest exposure most standup comedians get is a set on a late night show, it's surprising how similar most performances are. The time pressure and network standards end up leaving most comedians looking less than their best. But this set by D.J. Demers is one of the funniest I've seen on TV in a very long time. He's a deaf comedian, but he doesn't want to be typecast as just a "deaf comic," you know?  D.J. Demers on Conan 

Here's another of my all-time favorite late night sets. Conan deserves a lot of credit for encouraging comedy that doesn't fit the mold. Like the time Rory Scovel and Jon Dore both performed at the same time. 

1 Interesting Thing:

This week Louis CK announced his latest special was available for download with two emails. The first was short and just had the basic info and the link. The second email was an amazing stream of consciousness about the blizzard, his inspirations, and what it was like to make a name for himself in comedy clubs across the country. I imagine many of you already saw this, but if you didn't, it's very much worth a read. Louis CK's Fantastic Elegy to Comedy Clubs

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