3 Things: Tanishq Abraham, Amy Poehler, and Blizzards / by Chris Duffy

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Ok, on to this week's list!

Thing I Think Is Great:

Conan O'Brien decided to invite child prodigy Tanishq Abraham on as a guest and it was the one of the greatest decisions in television history. Watch as Tanishq shares some of his favorite science jokes and mercilessly mocks Conan. It's pure joy. Tanishq Abraham on Conan


Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Amy Poehler was celebrated at Harvard recently as the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year. Per tradition, the members of the Hasty Pudding club paraded Poehler through the streets of Cambridge and then roasted her. Luckily for everyone, Amy roasted them right back. Here are the highlights from her spectacular skewering.

Amy Poehler Roasted Her Hasty Pudding Roasters Right Back and It Was Glorious


1 Interesting Thing:

Snow has been disrupting my life and travel quite a lot in the past few weeks. That's true for many people on the East Coast. But it can too easy to focus only on our own transportation hassles and not think about the others around us. Here's a beautifully written piece by Peabody award winning journalist Barbara Howard about an experience that jolted her back into awareness.  A Blizzard of Perspective.

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