3 Things: Adam Ruins Everything, Josh Gondelman, and Criminal / by Chris Duffy

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I'm going to be out in California on a West Coast tour for the rest of October. I'm adding a lot of dates to the calendar online, but these are the highlights.

Friday, October 23, You're the Expert is at the Castro Theatre for the Bay Area Science Festival. Details/tickets here

Monday, October 26, Taste Test (free food samples and jokes about food) at The Hall SF

Tuesday, October 27, You Get A Spoon! (variety show and prize giveaway) at The Lost Church in the Mission. Featuring a reading from author Kevin Roose, magician Andrew Evans, and lots more surprises.

Monday, October 19, I'm telling some jokes at Upright Citizens Brigade on Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer's show, Crash Test. Details here

Sunday, November 1 You Get A Spoon is at the Lyric-Hyperion Theatre & Cafe. If you only come to one of my LA shows, I'd make it this one. Details and tickets here

I'm doing a private, unrecorded version of You're the Expert for a convention of scientists on Wednesday, October 28. This is closed to the general public, but if you're in the area and want to see the show, email me! I should be able to get at least some people in. 

You can see my full schedule up on the website now.

Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Engagement rings, canned food drives, and purebred dogs. These are all topics that Adam Conover has featured on his web series and new TV show Adam Ruins Everything. Adam is very funny, but he's also obviously very smart. The fact that he's been able to build such a popular show attacking commonly held misconceptions with fact-based research is astonishing. The show literally cites its sources onscreen. What makes it all work is that the show is very, very funny. I love seeing the many ways comedians are raising the bar for intelligent discussions right now and I think Adam Ruins Everything is a great edition to the field. Anyone traveling for the long weekend should especially appreciate this one: Why the TSA Doesn't Stop Terrorist Attacks


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Josh Gondelman is a treasure. He's an Emmy-nominated writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, a hilarious standup comedian, and a genuinely kind human being. His first book just came out this week and it's great. It's called You Blew It! An Awkward Look at the Many Ways in Which You've Already Ruined Your Life I hate that there's a widespread idea that you have to be a mean-spirited drunk from a broken home to be successful in comedy. Josh is a living repudiation of that. Here's a very nice profile of him in The Observer that's also definitely worth a read. Nice Guys Finish First: Josh Gondelman

1 Interesting Thing:

Like just about everyone else with access to the Internet, I was a huge fan of Serial. While I'm waiting for the second season, I've been checking out some other crime-related podcasts and just listened to the latest episode of Criminal. It's fantastic. It tells the story of Patti Hammond Shaw, a transgender woman and complete badass, who just won a landmark case changing the way that police process and detain transgender individuals in Washington, D.C. The episode is thoughtful and incredibly well reported and I haven't heard the story anywhere else. It's also, unlike most true crime stories, not profoundly depressing in the end. Criminal Episode 28: P.D.I.D. (Thanks to Aparna Nancherla for sharing this with me)

Ok, thanks for reading! More details on shows and my full schedule online atwww.chrisduffycomedy.com/calendar/

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