3 Things: Myq Kaplan, Bernie vs Trump, and Korean Reunions / by Chris Duffy

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the show at the Castro Theatre last night! It was the biggest show I've ever done and it really meant a lot to look out into the audience and see so many friendly faces. I'm on the West Coast for one more week before heading back to NYC, so if you're out here and I haven't seen you yet, please get in touch or stop by a show!

Monday, October 26, I'll be at The Hall SF telling jokes/stories about food for Taste Test Comedy. We'll also have lots of great free samples from local food companies. Only 10 tickets left! Get them here

Tuesday, October 27, I'm hosting my variety show / prize giveaway YOU GET A SPOON! I'll tell jokes, Andrew Evans will do magic, and Kevin Roose will read his work. Plus so many prizes. Details/tickets here

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I'll be back in town to do a bunch of short standup spots, but also to host YOU GET A SPOON! on November 1. I'll tell jokes, Tess Plant-Thomas will sing songs, and Charlie Harding from Switched on Pop will be recording a live version of his podcast.Details/tickets here

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Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Myq Kaplan puts out new material so frequently and relentlessly that he's often described as a "comedy machine" or  "comedy robot." But what that description misses is how kind of a person he is. Myq has done more to encourage me and support my comedy career than just about anyone. And he does that for dozens, if not hundreds, of other people too. As a performer, there's no one like him. Myq's a trained linguist, so his brain is constantly analyzing words, turning them around, and creating hilarity out of the most basic interactions. Check out this great video, part of a new webseries "Know What I'm Saying?", where Myq breaks down the meaning of the phrase "By Hook or By Crook." It's both very funny and very interesting, just like Myq himself. Myq's also experimenting with the Patreon artist platform, and you should check him out there too: Myq Kaplan


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

These are the best impressions of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, hands down. There's no other way to say it. James Adomian and Anthony Atamaniuk are comic geniuses and this debate they staged at Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City made me cry with laughter. It's definitely NSFW, but then again, not much of our national politics these days are. It's a very good time to be a comedian. Trump vs Bernie Debate

1 Interesting Thing:

It's been 65 years since the Korean War and the human consequences continue to boggle the mind. Across the border between North and South, families, husbands and wives, friends, and former neighbors have been completely cut off, unable to see each other, talk, or even send letters. This week, the two countries facilitated a rare reunion. The stories of Koreans seeing each other again after more than six decades are heartbreaking, but also a testament to their strength. One couple, now in their 80s, were separated after only seven months of marriage. They saw each other for the first time since 1950 this week. "'I can't tell how much I missed you,' said Ms. Lee, who never remarried and raised her son alone. 'I have wept so much thinking of us that there are no tears left in me.'"

While the headline is coldly factual, the story is anything but. I really recommend it: North and South Korean Families, Separated by War 65 Years Ago, Reunite Briefly

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