3 Things: Urban Explorers, Startup Cartoons, and Yakuza Halloween / by Chris Duffy

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One last show in California and then I'm back to the East Coast!

Sunday, November 1 at 8:30 p.m. LA Weekly called YOU GET A SPOON! a "Pick of the Week." I'll tell jokes, Tess Plant-Thomas will sing songs, and Charlie Harding from Switched on Pop will be recording a live version of his podcast. We'll each share some of our favorite things with the audience and give them out as prizes (including the eponymous spoon, which is the greatest kitchen utensil of all time) Details/tickets here

Monday, November 2 at 8:30 p.m. Evan Barden and my comedy show / foreign language school is back with a new name and language. We're now called "An Hour Abroad" and this month, we're taking you to Brazil to teach you Portuguese. I likely won't make it to the show because of my flight back from LA, but you should come anyway because you'll learn interesting Portuguese phrases, hear jokes, and take the fastest international vacation of your life. Get tickets here

Friday, November 6 at 10 p.m. I'm doing a short standup set at the Universe City 1-Year Anniversary Show. Joe Zimmerman, Raj Sivaraman, and Jono Zalay host and it should be a lot of fun! Free, but you can see more info here

You can also see my full schedule up on the website now.

Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

This video about the Urban Explorer movement, shot and edited by Jeff Seal, is full of absolutely mind-blowing images. Apparently there's a movement of young people exploring hidden spaces in New York City, subway tunnels and construction sites and hidden passageways, in search of the perfect photo. There's a big part of me that is an old man and wants to tell these young whippersnappers to stop trespassing and putting their lives at risk. But there's another part of me that cannot deny how cool what they do is. I'll also admit that I'm partial to any video that starts with "The activities depicted in this video are illegal and highly dangerous" but I can't imagine someone watching this and not having at least some new sense of wonder about our urban spaces. How Instagram Fuels the Urban Explorer Movement

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Mollie West and cartoonist Liz Fosslien teamed up for this piece on Quartz about disastrous business practices. It's very funny (my favorite cartoon is #4) but also I think potentially very useful for anyone who works in a large organization or on a team. I don't want to say too much more, because Mollie and Liz do a great job of explaining it all themselves, so let me just point you in the right direction: 10 Ways to Ruin Your Start-up's Culture

1 Interesting Thing:

Happy Halloween! Unless you're in an organized crime syndicate in Japan. In that case, Halloween celebrations have been called off this year. According to The Daily Beast, an annual Halloween celebration at Yakuza headquarters in Kobe has been cancelled due to a looming gang war. There are so many fascinating things about the story, not least of which is that the Yakuza publicly hold a family-friendly event each year. "Each Oct. 31, the gangsters famous for their permanent costumes (tattoos, missing digits, and the like) invited ordinary citizens, mostly small children in 'scary' outfits, to have fun with extortion, demanding Japanese candies and snacks." Read the whole thing here: Japan's Yakuza Cancels Halloween

Ok, thanks for reading! More details on shows and my full schedule online atwww.chrisduffycomedy.com/calendar/

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