3 Things: Kurt Braunohler, Avoiding Ships, and Maritime Law / by Chris Duffy

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NYC: TOMORROW, Sunday (7/19) at 7 p.m. at Under St Marks, I've got this months's edition of "You Get A Spoon!" with prizes and performers from some incredible artists.This month we've got jazz trumpet from the incomparable Riley Mulherkar, old timey Prohibition music from Camp Street, and short nonfiction films by Noah Hutton. PLUS SO MANY PRIZES! Details and tickets here 

BOSTON: Thursday, July 23, I'm doing a live You're the Expert show at the Paramount Theater. We've got Scott Adsit from 30 Rock, Jo Firestone, and Steve Almond on the panel and the show is a fundraiser for the Boston Book Festival. I hope you'll come to the show!Details and tickets here

Also, if you tune in to WBUR today, they're airing our "Biological Clocks" episode featuring the work of Colgate's Dr. Krista Ingram, who studies how our bodies keep track of time. This episode features Eugene Mirman, Elna Baker, and Scott Adsit. You can hear it live on WBUR 90.9 FM in Boston at 6 p.m. today or on Wednesday at 9 p.m. Of course, you can always hear the show or download past episodes online here. 

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1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Today's 3 Things are all nautical themed because it is very hot outside and I have water on the brain (metaphorically, not clinically). 

First up, Kurt Braunohler is a comedian with a heart of gold. He comes up with the silliest ideas and always manages to have so much fun bringing them into reality. His Comedy Central webseries, Roustabout, features Kurt jetskiing the entire length of the Mississippi River to raise money for the charity Heifer International. It's for a good cause and also so profoundly dumb that it becomes brilliant and hilarious. Plus, it's only six minutes long.Roustabout Episode 1: Chicago


1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

A lot of what has been making me laugh recently has been found comedy. Regular people, not comedians, who decide they are going to create the funniest things around. A great example of this is the crew of geniuses who gathered to review a book on Amazon called How to Avoid Huge Ships. The reviews are spectacular. I cannot stop laughing. How to Avoid Huge Ships by John W. Trimmer

1 Interesting Thing:

"Few crimes are tougher to investigate than those that occur at sea. There are no cameras on the corner, no phones to tap, usually no weapons to retrieve. Crew members are often changed mid-voyage, so witnesses are scarce." The New York Times' look at lawlessness in international waters is both fascinating and terrifying. From ships dumping "more oil than spilled in the Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez accidents combined" to drug smuggling and outright murder, no one is being held accountable. Ian Urbina does an outstanding job of taking the big bureaucratic issues and transforming them into a thriller. Read this: Stowaways and Crimes Aboard a Scofflaw Ship

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