3 Things: John Cage, Coffee Dates, and Joey Perr / by Chris Duffy

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NYC: TOMORROW, Sunday (7/26) at 7:30 p.m. at the Magnet Theater, I'm hosting the first ever edition of my new show "MOST INCREDIBLE 1-HOUR LANGUAGE SCHOOL." This month's language is Korean and you'll learn how to heckle a comedian, sing a song, and yell at someone on the subway all in under an hour. Tickets and details here

YOU'RE THE EXPERT: We just finished our 6-week pilot run on WBUR. Thanks to everyone who wrote in or filled out the survey, the station said they got nothing but positive feedback! So we're recording a bunch of new episodes and we'll have another run in the Fall. THANK YOU!

Ok, on to this week's list!

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

John Cage is one of the most creative composers in musical history. But I'd never heard much from the man himself about his thoughts on work, music, or life. Mostly I'd just heard four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence. Thankfully, I got the chance to share the stage with Riley Mulherkar last weekend and he shared Cage's "Some Rules for Students and Teachers" with me. These ten rules are the most useful I've ever read, for artists, teachers, students... anyone really. I wish I'd had them when I was teaching fifth grade. They're printed out and next to my desk now. John Cage: Some Rules for Students and Teachers

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Hallie Cantor just got nominated for an Emmy for her work on Amy Schumer's TV show. She deserves all the awards and praise around because she is hilarious. As evidence, I submit her latest New Yorker article: Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances to Get Coffee 

(Full disclosure: Hallie and I have gotten coffee a few times before and now I will feel incredibly awkward asking her to do it again. It's probably lunch or nothing from here on out.)


1 Interesting Thing:

Joey Perr's dad was a Jewish gangster in Brighton Beach, NY. From robbing knish stores to run ins with Bugsy Siegel, he was one tough cookie. Joey's currently writing a graphic novel, Hands Up, Herbie!, about his childhood and his relationship with his father. It's incredibly vulnerable and fascinating and you can read all the installments on his website for free. Thanks to Ryan Dieringer for sending this my way. Here's one of my favorite chapters: My Grandfather's Seders

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