3 Things: James Casey, PJ Hicks, and Stone Skimming / by Chris Duffy

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 This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

James Casey, the man behind the "anti-foodie food magazine" Swallow, loves breakfast. He made this great short film about all the different foods people in Los Angeles eat to start their day, from a body-builder to a buddhist monk. It's really fun. Also, I think somehow this might be a commercial for Audi. That part is very unclear to me. No matter what, watching this is a great way to start your morning. What Is Breakfast?

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

PJ Hicks is a wildlife photographer based in Tanzania. He's also the mastermind behind the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The rules are simple: an unedited photo, featuring wild animals, that makes you laugh.

The results are hilarious. I think my favorites from this year's crop are the grizzly bear getting smacked in the face by a salmon or the groundhog sniffing a piece of grass. But they're all excellent. The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Finalists

1 Interesting Thing:

Every fall, on a small island off the coast of Scotland, one of the world's greatest athletic competitions takes place. It's the World Stone Skimming Championships.

Matt McDonald covered this year's competition for Outdoor magazine and it's fascinating. People take the sport very seriously. "Ron Long, the 2012 winner, also produces artificial stones, which he feels level the playing field in competitions by removing variables like rock shape and weight. He sees big
even Olympic-sizedpossibilities for the sport." The article includes helpful tips for the best skipping techniques, if you're trying to train for Tokyo 2020. Inside the Lively World of Competitive Stone Skimming

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