3 Things: Andy Oxley, Abbey Fenbert, and Loren McIntyre / by Chris Duffy

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 This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

Andy Oxley takes us on a "tour of the extraordinarily ordinary" in his fantastic short film about the Dull Men's Club. A group of older men who reject modern society's pace and flashy demands, they focus on hobbies like milk bottle collecting or photographing mailboxes. I emailed with one of the founders of the Dull Men's Club and he was as sweet as can be (although he scolded me for using an exclamation point, which "dull men frown on."). This short film screened at SXSW and it's just fantastic. Born to Be Mild

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

One of my favorite humor pieces of all-time is Abbey Fenbert's imagining of how the children's television show Wishbone was pitched to TV execs. No matter how many times I read this, it always makes me cry from laughing. It's so good. Honestly, how did this show get made? The Pitch Meeting for Wishbone

1 Interesting Thing:

Loren McIntyre was an award-winning photojournalist for National Geographic. McIntyre was famously the first person to discover the source of the Amazon river. But that's just a tiny part of his story, because McIntyre, a scientist and a skeptic, got lost in the jungle after making first contact with the Mayoruna tribe. Unable to speak their language and cut off from the modern world, McIntyre "became fascinated by the Mayoruna headman, who seemed to communicate with the American through what McIntyre called 'beaming' or mental telepathy."

The story of McIntyre's hunt for the Amazon's source and his belief that he was telepathically guided there is chronicled in a book, Amazon Beaming, and an amazing play on Broadway right now. "The Encounter" is a high-tech head trip through an Amazon Labyrinth

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