3 Things: Katherine Cooper, Dan Chamberlain, and Jia Tolentino / by Chris Duffy


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Katherine Cooper is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. She's a writer, an artist, a professional matchmaker, and more. She's done everything from tour Europe as part of a dance group called Tall Women in Clogs to professionally edit Wikipedia pages for minor celebrities. This week, Hyperallergic published a conversation between Katherine and Patti Smith on writing, belief, and "what drives her to make art." It's a great read and Patti Smith is legendary for a reason.

"We always aspire to something higher. As a child, it seemed to me disappointing to be in a world where everything was already figured out and there was nothing more to want to achieve than making a living." Why Patti Smith Writes


Dan Chamberlain is a comedian and actor in New York who's clearly moments away from fame. I see him all over the city playing so many different characters and stealing the show every time. He can take the strangest idea and make it work. For example, here's Danreading a poem to Chris Gethard on Brett Davis' great public access cable show, The Special Without Brett Davis. 

Or here's Dan in possibly the most relatable sketch of all time: Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors. He's so funny. 


A lot has been written about Harvey Weinstein since the story of his abuse finally broke in the New York Times, and I'm sure more will come. But sexual harassment and abuse are clearly not just limited to one powerful guy. It's a huge problem across industries that's going to take work from all of us to tackle. To me, the core of the issue is that we need to see women as full, complete human beings and not just sexual objects. I'm trying to do my best to listen and support women sharing their experiences and thoughts. I always love reading Jia Tolentino's writing and I thought her piece this week was particularly powerful. How Men Like Harvey Weinstein Implicate Their Victims in Their Acts

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