Last night's You Get A Spoon / by Chris Duffy

What a night! It was month two of our NYC residency at the beautiful LES theater Caveat and we had prizes, songs, jokes, Socrates, and Taylor Swift. Who could ask for more?

Birthday girl Britni won the spoon and instantly became a local celebrity.

Here were the performers and their prizes:


Josh Gondelman, comedian
1) Polar Orange Vanilla (or Vanilla) seltzer

2) The Sellout by Paul Beatty  

3) Leminimo White Marble iPhone Case


Nate Sloan, musicologist and co-host of Switched on Pop
1) Moleskine Pocket Classic Notebook

2) Taylor Swift 1989

3) Yemenren Wireless Gold Karaoke Microphone


Kayla Ringelheim, musician

1) Mr. Tea tea infuser

2) The Type by Sarah Kay

3) Ring Jells


Andrew Marantz, writer

1) Brazil Classics 1

2) Parle-G biscuits

3) Planet Publish + Pocket