3 Things: Bruce Springsteen, Michelle Buteau, and Irv Teibel / by Chris Duffy

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 This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

No one puts on a better show than Bruce Springsteen. I was only lukewarm on his music until I saw him live and now I'm obsessed. I will never understand how a 67-year-old man can have that much energy. A regular concert by The Boss is amazing, but nothing is better than when he pulls this teenager up on stage with him to play guitar. This video is an instant anti-depressant. Bruce Springsteen Invites Teenager On Stage Who Steals the Show

(Side note: I love the whole genre of videos where an audience member turns out to be incredible. I would call it a guilty pleasure, but I don't feel guilty. BeyonceMichael Buble,Kristin Chenoweth, etc.) 

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

Michelle Buteau makes me laugh so hard. Her jokes are amazing, but she's also just one of those people where everything she says is hilarious. Watching her perform, my favorite moments are when she just notices something in the room or audience and goes off on it. If you get a chance to see her live ever, do it. She's also got a Comedy Central special you can find online. But here's an interview with her where you can see her off-the-cuff brilliance. Michelle Buteau on WNYC's Live Wire Radio  

1 Interesting Thing:

Where do relaxing sounds come from? It turns out that one man, Irv Teibel, singlehandedly invented the market for nature sounds. If you've ever taken two minutes to relax and calmly listen to sounds of the ocean, you've got Irv to thank. (If you're feeling stressed or need to refocus, try this related website that Matt Porter recommended to me: donothingfor2minutes.com) Pitchfork brings the surprisingly complex story of recording some simple sounds. And like all of their longform articles, it's beautifully laid out and designed. More websites should be following their example. How a New Age Hustler Sold the Sound of the World

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