3 Things: Doug Stanhope, Vine Scares, and Tove Danovich / by Chris Duffy

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 This week's list

1 Thing I Think Is Great:

People often describe Doug Stanhope's comedy as "dark," "gritty," or "raw." He's certainly not your run-of-the-mill TV star. His material is profane. He smokes and drinks onstage. His audiences are rowdy. But he's a legendary performer because he pulls jokes out of material that most comics wouldn't dare even discuss. Here's a brilliant (but NSFW) Stanhope bit about nationalism and immigration. Doug Stanhope

1 Thing That Made Me Laugh:

On the complete other end of the comedy spectrum, "scare videos" require no writing, no particular intelligence, and no particular skill. But they are somehow still hilarious. We watched these in the writers room at work and no one could make it through all of them without bursting into laughter. There's something primal in our lizard brain that wants us to laugh at strangers screaming. Full disclosure: this video is dumb, don't click on any of the ads, and it's a compilation from a social media platform that doesn't even exist anymore. I bet you'll still laugh. Top 50 Vine Scares (h/t Ashley Brooke Roberts)

1 Interesting Thing:

"Until the 1970s, bluefin tuna was a literal trash fish. If it wasn't put into cat food, sport fishermen paid to have it hauled off to dumps (after taking a smiling photo next to their strung-up carcasses). Until the mid-1900s, tuna's reputation was so bad in Japan that it was referred to as neko-matagi, food too low for even a cat to eat." Tove Danovich is a food and agriculture journalist. Her research into the history of bluefin tuna (and whether the species can survive) is a fascinating look at how our tastes change over time and what that means for endangered fish. Caught Dead

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