3 Things: Nore Davis, Natasha Vaynblat, and Ann Friedman / by Chris Duffy

Happy Saturday! Every week, I send out an email with my upcoming shows, one thing I think is great, one thing that made me laugh, and one thing I found interesting.

Upcoming Shows

On last night's episode of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas, Wyatt took a look at "restorative justice" and what kind of resolution we really want after a crime. Link  

Todd Barry, Michelle Buteau, and Negin Farsad learn all about the chemical signatures in teeth on the most recent episode of You're the Expert. Link

Sunday, June 17 at 7 p.m. at Caveat. I'm hosting You're the Expert with comedians Maeve Higgins, Emmy Blotnick, and Dillon Stevenson! Link

Saturday, June 23 at 4 p.m. at Caveat. I'm hosting You Get A Spoon, my variety show and audience prize giveaway. Link

Tuesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. at The Bell House. Sarah Kay's Wordy Thirty. A night of poetry, music, and performances put together by the incredible Sarah Kay. All proceeds to benefit Hispanic Federations' UNIDOS program for Puerto Rico relief and recovery efforts. Link

My full schedule with all upcoming dates is online here.

This week's list

Nore Davis is one of the great NYC standups performing today. He's got an easy, open confidence that audiences immediately respond to, he's a smart joke writer, and his material is socially conscious without ever feeling preachy. In fact, a lot of the time, Nore gets you laughing and only later do you realize he was saying something profound. He made his late night debut on Conan this week and even internet commenters got on board. Nore Davis is Helping His Friends Unlearn Toxic Masculinity

Natasha Vaynblat is a sketch and character comedian who, in just moments, creates entire bizarre worlds and takes you there. At a recent comedy festival in San Francisco, Natasha was asked to interview some other performers and audience members. It's a job that typically ends up being very generic, with a few awkward questions, maybe a laugh or two, and some shots of the venue. But when Natasha took over in character as a Russian troll, all of a sudden it's a must watch video. I particularly loved her interaction with Maria Bamford as the two clearly enjoy each other's weirdo genius. Natasha the Russian Troll Invades Clusterfest (For more, check out Natasha's Instagram, which is largely high fashion photography of her characters in action: @NatashaWearsClothes.)

Bon Appetit put together an online feature about beloved neighborhood restaurants. "We asked 80 of the most interesting people we know... to let us in on their most trusted haunts, from a Tibetan dumpling stand in a grocery store in Columbus to a landlocked fish market in Tulsa." It's a mouthwatering tour of America, but also an excuse for some amazing writers to indulge in food-based nostalgia. I always enjoy Ann Friedman's writing and I think she may have even sold me on the monstrosity that is Happy Joe's Taco Pizza. You can read the entire list here: Neighborhood Restaurants.

The world of food writing and entertainment would not have been the same without Anthony Bourdain. He's someone whose work I always admired and someone who spent his career trying to make people less afraid of each together. Between him and Kate Spade this week, it's an important reminder that money, fame, and success don't fix problems and can even amplify them. It's also a reminder that everyone and anyone can struggle with mental health. Please know that people out here care about you and if you're suffering, there are resources out there. You can text the Crisis Text Line at 741741 or find someone to talk to (on the phone or in person) here

Take care of each other,