3 Things: 3rd Grade Audio, Andy Samberg, and Alessandra Cerreti / by Chris Duffy

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Upcoming Shows

This week's episode of You're the Expert is all about glaciers, icicles, and frozen water on other planets. Dr. Christine McCarthy is an "ice squeezer" at Columbia University. She tells comedians Gary Richardson, Nadia Pinder, and Ashley Brooke Roberts exactly what that means. Link

TOMORROW! Sunday, July 15 at 7 p.m. at Caveat. We're doing a summer live taping of You're the Expert with an all-star lineup of panelists Josh Gondelman (Last WeekTonight), Dylan Marron (TED), and Ashley Brooke Roberts (NatGeo). Link

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This week's list

David Green's class of third graders in Winnetka, Illinois all lead double lives. By day, they are regular elementary school students. At night, they're reporters for NPR. Green's experiments in giving 9-year-olds the tools and training to create their own recordings and interviews has led to some hilarious and impressive work. Listen to this interview with Mr. Green and also hear stories about getting old, questions for MLK, and what to do if you get a magnet stuck up your nose. 3rd Grade Audio (h/t Alex Kapelman's resources for podcasting)

Andy Samberg is not afraid to be shamelessly goofy. He makes big, dumb, silly, jokes and I love them. He is so funny. Andy and his wife, Joanna Newsom, recently had a baby and he came on Conan to show off the first photo of their child, which he turns into a bit that I enjoyed a lot. But since we're already talking about Andy Samberg, let's talk about some of his other masterpieces, like the greatest celebrity roast performance of all time or thevideo that the Oscars wouldn't give him money to make

Alessandra Cerreti is an Italian prosecutor who is breaking up the Mafia across her native country. In a bureaucracy reluctant to challenge deep-seated corruption and criminal ties, Cerreti has refused to back down. She uses the misogyny of organized crime against the bosses, convincing women to testify and providing them with protection. The Women Who Took on the Mafia

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