3 Things: Evan Kaufman, Bootsie Plunkett, and Steve Macone / by Chris Duffy


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Upcoming Shows

I'm taking a few weeks off from live shows this summer to focus on writing and developing some new projects that I've had in the back of my head for a while now. I'll be back on stage in mid-August though and announcing a run of tour dates for the Fall.

In the meantime, catch up on the newest episode of You're the Expert, all about glaciers, icicles, and frozen water on other planets. Dr. Christine McCarthy is an "ice squeezer" at Columbia University. She tells comedians Gary Richardson, Nadia Pinder, and Ashley Brooke Roberts exactly what that means. Link

Once they're announced, my full schedule with all upcoming dates will be online here.

This week's list

Evan Kaufman is the one of the most naturally talented people I've ever gotten to work with. We hosted a weekly standup show together for a year and every Wednesday he would make me laugh so hard I cried. Now, he's a new father and he's documenting the journey from pregnancy onward in a laugh out loud funny (and also very touching) series called Dude-to-Dad. Watch it and let yourself be charmed by Evan. He's so dang charming! Dude to Dad 

Speaking of parents, Jake Plunkett is a writer for The Late Show and pitched a segment where his mom, a totally uninformed voter, interviews other uninformed voters about the midterm elections. It's a funny idea all by itself, but "Bootsie" Plunkett elevates it to brilliance. She is a true star and incredible on camera. Watch as she covers politics in a way that no one else can. The Late Show's Uninformed Correspondent

I can't say too much about this quite yet, but I spent the last week in the badlands of Montana at a dinosaur dig for a new project I'm working on. It was incredible to see hundred million year old bones being uncovered, straight out of a scene in Jurassic Park. The trip was sparked, in large part, by my friend Steve Macone, who wrote this incredible essay. Digging for Dinosaurs in My Twenties: On the cusp of adulthood in an era of in-betweens, a search for fossils and meaning 

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